A genius inventor named Baron von Westphalen

Imagine if you will the skewed artistic sensibilities of Andy Warhol filming a Greatest Hits version of Philip K. Dick’s body of work, written with the esoteric denseness of Pixies lyrics, and you’ll have something approximating the, er, experience that is Southland Tales. The film’s cast is an eclectic group, led by names like Dwayne Johnson, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Seann William Scott, and narrator Justin Timberlake http://rogersfarmsupply.com/2013/11/28/in-the-gosaku-ota-manga-episodes/, while the secondary cast is filled with character actors and comedians, specifically Saturday Night Live veterans. A genius inventor named Baron von Westphalen, a dandy who dresses like Liberace crossed with Ozymandias from Watchmen, joins forces with a Republican presidential candidate to create a wireless power generator that uses ocean currents to transmit electricity via quantum entanglement. This wireless energy, dubbed Fluid Karma, is derived from a compound that’s also an injectible drug allowing the user to “bleed” his or her consciousness through space and time, but you’d only know that if you read the graphic novel prequels. The tidal generator appears to be sending out dense waves of fog, causing red tides, and oh yeah, ripping holes in the fabric of time and space. Meanwhile, the police state has created widespread discontent among the population and, in a Self Fulfilling Prophecy, created actual terrorists in the form of neo Marxist cells dedicated to overthrowing the government agency responsible for monitoring the American population, USIDent, spearheaded by the aforementioned presidential candidate and his wife.

In the Classic series, it was intended to retire the Daleks along with William Hartnell, giving Patrick Troughton two Dalek stories (“Power of the Daleks”, a very good story with tons of Dalek Fanservice designed to ensure viewers would tune in after the regeneration, and “The Evil of the Daleks”, which was intended to be the Daleks’s very definitely final death). They go away for several years after that, but attempts to find a replacement Dalek Mascot Mook (the Krotons? the Macra?) failed, the only monsters making as close a cultural dent being the Cybermen and the Autons, and possibly the Yetis. Fan outcry led to the Daleks making a return in “Day of the Daleks”, five years after their retirement. Not very long after their return, “Genesis of the Daleks” drastically reinvented the Daleks, updating them by retconning out the more dated backstory elements while fleshing out others, and introducing their leader and creator, Davros, which completely changed the nature of them as a threat.

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