“A sexual threat is seen as a mortal threat against their

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Ifrane / Micleven / Dayet AWA / Moulay Yacoub / Sidi Harazem / Fez

** Date:
✅ on Friday 19 Jan. 2018 and return on Sunday January 21, 2018 At night – Inshaa
The journey program as follows:

● Friday 19 January 2018:
21:00: The start of the
● Saturday 20 January 2018

✅صلاة الفجر < br> it ✅ eats breakfast (free)
✅zaarh Miclvin (ski and play ice) ⛸⛄
✅zaarh the oldest and largest tree Koro rice
✅tnol food meal (free)
✅zaarh Dayet AWA and enjoy Touring the lake on a boat
✅ Visit Mulay Yaqoub
✅ Hotel (free time)

● Sunday 21 January 2018:
✅ Go to Hama Mall Jacob and any underground water showers hot ✅ojbh back towards Fez:
https://www.blxsk8.com ✅♀zaarh Old City
✅ visit Sidi Harazem and enjoy the beautiful white spots and a meal ✅bdaah return trip to my regret from five pm.
access to my regret on The time 00h00 night

♡♡ important Note:
L✅ shoes will need ✅ bag
♡♡♡ duty Post:
350 AED only
air-conditioned tourist ✅anakl
✅alambat day ✅alemravqh
♡♡♡ Note:

seats are very limited and is considered the seat is reserved when performing the amount of the trip or 50% of it. Designer Replica Bags

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3rd – 6TH SEPTEMBER, 2015
Delegates from fourteen (14) affiliates attended the 21st World Igbo Congress’ Annual Convention, which was held at Embassy Suites 28100 Franklin Rd, Southfield, MI 48034 from 3rd to 6th September,

The Convention was hosted by one of WIC’s staunchest affiliates, Igbo Cultural Association of Michigan, (ICAM). Among the participants were the entire executive officers, affiliates’ members, Board of Directors, House of Delegates, other Igbo stake-holders of all stripes, Governments of Anambra and Imo States, Capital Oil & Gas
The theme of the Convention was “K’anyi jikọta maka ọdinma na ọganiru ndi Igbo” and the Convention sub-themes were:

Following the affiliates’ roll call and upon establishing the required quorum, the convention was declared open by the chairman of WIC, Joe Nze CONVENTION OBJECTIVES AND ISSUES
The overall objective of the Convention was to explore the difficulties, possibilities and modalities for restoration of the dignity of the Igbo (All business of the convention was conducted mostly in Igbo language). To achieve this overall objective, participants:

Explored the constitution and other issues that led to the current state of affairs in Explored the possibility of restructuring the affiliates so as to make it difficult for powerful individuals to usurp and abuse the power of the Expressed delight on the progress so far made by this administration towards the actualization of The Regional Medical Center of Excellence (RMCE), and examined measures that need to be taken to actualize the RMCE for Igbo Examined the status of the Igbo in the Nigerian polity and expressed satisfaction that the Igbo stood for something it believed in during the March 2015 elections by way of the pattern of their The convention viewed with dismay the appointments made so far by President Muhammadu Buhari and insisted that they were in breach of the spirit of federal character enshrined in section 14 (3) of 1999 Constitution of Federal Republic of Provided an opportunity for participants to learn from each other and from friends Replica Hermes as well as presentations of innovations being undertaken that are of interest to the future of the Igbo as well as actions being taken to counteract the erosion of Igbo dignity and values by others in public utterances and actions
Provided opportunities for participants to discuss current and potential contributions of women in enhancing the role of WIC grassroots in developments in our CONVENTION RESOLUTIONS
Over the three-day period, the Convention participants working in four (4) plenary sessions and one congress resolved as follows:

• Infusion of funds to the tune of guaranteed $500,000 in order to make giant strides in the absolutely important hospital project
• Sponsoring of trips to Nigeria for twenty WIC functionaries to Igbo land to ensure that WIC and the governments of Igbo land as well as key Igbo centric people in Nigeria work in tandem for the actualization of the RMCE • Making the 2016 convention one of a kind that will bring together all Igbo without the nuisance value of Expressed gratitude to the ICAM for hosting the convention noting that it did the same in
AA Signature

Secretary-General Wholesale Replica Bags.

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