At the end of the episode, the Bartender tells Skeeter to shut

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Evil Is Petty: One of the things Cartman takes from Stan is his asthma inhaler, despite having no use for it Family Unfriendly Aesop: In Universe. One of the mascots on the island was there for teaching kids to run with scissors Frivolous Lawsuit: Literally all of them. With the first one being Stan calling Cartman an ass sucker Lost in Character: Petey thinks he’s an actual panda Running Gag: Any scenes with Skeeter and the Bartender have Skeeter saying “Hey, [Person or Group], we don’t take kindly to X in here!” with the Bartender saying “Now Skeeter I don’t want no trouble.”. At the end of the episode, the Bartender tells Skeeter to shut the hell up. Scales of Justice: The court uses a seal of Lady Justice’s face complete with her blindfold and scales. They Killed Kenny Again: He dies by holding a magnet and is pulled into a giant fan that’s turned on. Throw the Dog a Bone: This is one of the few times Pip gets back at the kids for their abuse by suing Cartman. Even though it was a frivolous lawsuit, it’s pretty much his only victory to date.

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