Bandito IN SPACE!: The hilariously inept green guys at the

2nd Lieutenant Lieutenant Captain Major Lieutenant Colonel Senior Lieutenant Colonelnote Essentially a Colonel in all but name. Colonels and above are promoted by appointment, so if there is no vacancy, this is the rank one will rise to until another Colonel retires or is promoted to Brigadier General. ME4 1 (pronounced as Em Ee Four Dash One). Those under this scheme and with these ranks are known as Military Experts. Those without a degree start off as ME1T and go through Specialist Cadet School before becoming ME1, and those with a degree start off as ME4T and go through Officer Cadet School before becoming ME4A upon course completion followed by a promotion to ME4 1; while they’re treated as commissioned officers with salutes and all, they don’t actually receive a commission. Regulars with a standard rank and in certain vocations (particularly those in the Air Force or Navy) can also cross over to their equivalent ME rank, which would mean that Master Warrant Officers and above get to be treated like a commissioned officer after crossing over. Being a contiguous rank structure, in theory it’s possible for an ME1 to work their way up to ME8 (equivalent to Brigadier General), but in practice they’d be lucky to even touch ME5, at least if they don’t get a degree and jump to ME4 first. It started out as a normal fire brigade and became the highly competent firefighting and civil defence service it is today when the government decided to upgrade the organisation following the infamous Hotel New World incident in the 1980s. Coincidentally, this was the time when the murderer Adrian Lim was at large (he has since been made to dance the hemp fandango). Its many responsibilities encompass the handling of biochemical and radioactive materials, traffic accident response and rescue, first aid and rescue services, and naturally, firefighting. and is the largest branch by numbers, with 3 combined Arms Divisions, 2 Operational Reserve Divisions and an Island Defence Force. men who have already completed their obligatory 2 year full time service. are streamed into the Army right out of Basic Military Training.

Action Girl: Sky is more than able to pull her own weight in everyday operations of the Ragtag Bunch of Misfits. All Animals Are Dogs: Yes, weird alien wolves are practically domesticated from the get go. Really. Amnesiacs Are Innocent: Sky. Artificial Human: Sky and her “sisters” are implied to be such. Asteroid Miners: Ril and Roka have a hideout in an abandoned asteroid mine. Bandito IN SPACE!: The hilariously inept green guys at the beginning of “The Snow Job”. Battle Amongst the Flames: Climax of The Snow Job Beware the Nice Ones: Bocce hates, hates Kaagan Vas. Murderously. The Big Guy: Bennesaud, Sky Big Damn Heroes: Bocce, using an alien dog pulled sled. Which is way cool. Binocular Shot: A star warsy one here Boarding Party: Our heroes, when scavenging the Tique Amara. Also tactic favoured by pirates. Bookends: The gang’s dinner in The Snow Job. Bounty Hunter: They exist and are likely to target the gang, so Grissom says. Braids, Beads and Buckskins: The Ulon Dosi, native to Ciceron, have very much this sort of esthetic, along with quite a lot of badassitude. Casual Interplanetary Travel The Captain: Roka Casual Danger Dialogue: Cember, Ril and Bennes tease each other, joke and make bets while fighting. Cattle Drive: The Snow Job consists of driving Ciceron yak. Ostensibly. City Planetoid: Oniaka city station. Vaguely inspired by India. Chekhov’s Line: Several, in The Snow Job. Cloaking Device: Standart pirate trick. The Conscience: Bocce, for Roka mostly. Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: The Candy Bandit, natch. Dark and Troubled Past: Bocce’s lost his father in a pirate raid, Bennes used to work for a dhama, until something was demanded of him that he dissaproved of, a bit of Roka’s is shown in his Flashback Nightmare. Deflector Shields: On ships (essential in Space Battles) as well as around individuals (“body shells”) The Don: Called “dhama” in this universe. Double Caper: Dhama Hes couldn’t have been lying, suave buisinessman that he is, could he? Dramatic Gun Cock Effortless Amazonian Lift: Silver Sky has no trouble lifting Bocce. Escape Pod: Plot point. More than once.

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