Breakout Character: Chuck and Bobby originated as commercial

Seven things to do, Oct. It’s only fitting, then, that they’ll be playing a big stadium when they come to Vancouver for a stop on their Evolve tour, in support of their third studio album, which is also named Evolve. The band behind hit single Radioactive, which went 9x platinum and earned them a Grammy for best hard rock performance, will be playing Rogers Arena on Sunday night with special guests Grouplove and K.

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Save Scumming: made possible by the option to Load an old save during a battle. Useful when you’re trying to get a very specific random encounter for grinding purposes (IE, one Creeping Chaos at The Flatwoods). Sorting Algorithm of Weapon Effectiveness: the letter of the law is averted, as there are only four flavors of weapon armor for each class, ever; instead of buying new gear, you upgrade it using “Synthesis.” But the spirit of the law is still in play, as shopkeepers can’t create higher level product for you until your collection of Solve the Soup Cans tokens is large enough, and they are scattered across the world.

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