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Hermes Bags Replica Days out: Where can you see reindeer in the UK for Christmas?Plus your weekend walk and three things to do this weekend17:16, 14 DEC 2012Updated17:22, 14 DEC 2012Feeding time: Father Christmas gets his herd well fed for the big night (Image: Getty) If you want to see them in the wild, head to the Cairngorm Mountains in Scotland, where they wander around freely. You can join an experienced herder on a guided tour at 11am every day to meet and feed them, but be sure to pack warm, clothing and strong footwear.You can also visit the Cairngorm Herd in their In England, you can see them at Reindeer Lodge in Staffs. It’s a working reindeer farm, and as well as meeting Rudolph and his friends, you’ll be able to ride on a sleigh, visit Santa and indulge in hot chocolate, roast chestnuts and more.Down south, visit The Reindeer Centre at Capralama Farm near Ashford in Kent, where you can see and pet reindeer and even give them a carrot just like Santa’s.Speaking of which, Father Christmas is there too, as well as a play area, ball pit and bouncy castle.Animal can get close to the farm’s other pets, including donkeys and Reindeers are also making an as permanent residents at ZSL London Zoo.You’ll be able to see them both in their paddock and out and about as they take a daily walk around the site.Luckily, they remembered to bring Santa with them so the kids can get to meet him too.Elsewhere in the capital, you can feed and pet reindeer at Covent Garden Piazza tomorrow between 12pm and 4pm Hermes Bags Replica.

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