Curb Stomp Battle: Strider vs

Rigoletto (1851) is an opera by Giuseppe Verdi (based on the play Le roi s’amuse (1832) by Victor Hugo) about the Duke of Mantua, a Handsome Lech if ever there was one, and his hunchbacked jester Rigoletto, a Deadpan Snarker whose quips hit a little too close to home. The opera opens with the Duke plotting the seduction of a young beauty he met in church while gossips whisper that Rigoletto has found a mistress. Count Monterone, whose daughter was seduced by the Duke, comes to complain of her ruined virtue, and the Duke, on Rigoletto’s blithe advice, shuts him up by having him executed. Monterone pronounces a curse on them both, and the other courtiers resolve to revenge themselves on Rigoletto for his callous jokes. On his way home from work, Rigoletto also runs into a Professional Killer, Sparafucile, who offers his services in removing anyone Rigoletto might find inconvenient. Now, finally, enter The Ingenue, The Chick and The Heart: Gilda, the woman who is simultaneously: the woman believed to be Rigoletto’s mistress; the beautiful girl the Duke met at church; and, unbeknownst to everyone, Rigoletto’s daughter.

Replica Handbags The Hill of Swords, a The Familiar of Zero fanfic by Gabriel Blessing which does this in spades for Louise. It has been observed by some that the vast majority of reasons for Louise’s Scrappy hood can be traced back to a combination of her low self esteem and having an idiot of a love interest who can’t stop pushing her Berserk Buttons and damaging her self image further still. Gabe’s response was to replace Saito with someone who would dodge said Berserk Buttons and help Louise get her magic working, namely Shirou Emiya. The result sees Louise getting massive amounts of Character Development and turning into an admirable young lady with Shirou’s help. The story worked so well that it sparked the creation of an onslaught of fanfics following similar variations on the “Replace Saito with (Insert Competent Character Here)” premise. Replica Handbags

Replica Valentino Handbags Action Girl: Celestia. Animalistic Abomination / Humanoid Abomination: Zone’s mutants, of course. Attempted Rape: Happened to Celestia. Bald of Awesome: Strider. Badass Army: Dawn Faction created by Strider, Celestia and their merry band. Not only they have a large number of really good soldiers and mercenaries, assload of firearms, shitload of ammo but also a freaking tanks (two T 80B and one T 64BM), APCs (two BTR 70K), IFVs (four BMP 2M) and helicopters (three Mi 24D and two Mi 26S) plus workshop and maintenance bay for them. Plus, they have their own R section. Badass Gay: Vano. Bear Hug: Celestia receives one from a power armored Strider. Berserk Button: Trying to hurt Celestia is this for Strider. BFG: Strider obtains a BFG 50A rifle. Big Damn Heroes: Two moments: In Chapter 1, Strider arrives in the nick of time to almost casually kill two Bloodsuckers and save Celestia. In Chapter 7, Vano and Snag show up to save Strider and Celestia when they’re weakened and surrounded. Brought Down to Badass: The global magic field of our world is so weak that, while she can still fly, use her TK, walk on clouds, and once literally exploded in self defense, Celestia can’t do anything powerful, complex, or subtle. Plus, some of the Zone’s artifacts can absorb magic. But it does not stop her being dangerous after she learned how to use guns. Can’t Hold His Liquor: Celestia almost faint after one glass of vodka. (To be fair, it’s vodka, so it’s have more alcohol inside that most of the beverages). Curb Stomp Battle: Strider vs. 35 bandits. The Engineer: Celestia is quite good at being this. Flashback: Almost the whole story is basically telling the reader How We Got Here. Friendly Sniper: Strider. Cold Sniper too, considering his past. Gentle Giant: Vano. 220 centimeters of height, 130 kg of weight, posture of a bear, wears power armor, loves big guns and he is incredibly friendly. Gun Porn: Oh so very, very much. Ignoring by Singing: Rookie reaction when Strider said that Celestia is a beast in bed Replica Valentino Handbags.

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