Hippie Teacher: The Stinger features Scary Terry’s new teacher

Tropes present in this work: Attack Its Weak Point: Each boss has a number of purple segments that are the only vulnerable portions of its anatomy. Boss Game: There are no mooks or other enemies, just one sky serpent after another. Color Coded for Your Convenience: The spots you can attack are colored purple, and they turn black once you’ve done sufficient damage to them, cluing you in on when to move to the next one. Colossus Climb: The serpents are pretty big, and you spend the fights hopping around their bodies. Death Is a Slap on the Wrist: All you lose from screwing up is your high score. And heck, falling into the bottomless pit at the bottom of the screen simply regurgitates you unless you’re on your last bit of health. Excuse Plot: The plot is pretty much just there to explain why you’re fighting these things; there’s nothing plot like at all during or between the battles. Flash of Pain: The serpents’ weak points flash when you strike them, which helps you know whether you’re in the right spot or need to adjust a little. Frictionless Ice: Level 10’s serpent has a slick http://ronpajaklcsw.com/?p=2665, icy exterior, making it harder to get where you want to. Luckily you can still jump around and lodge your blade into its weak points. Giant Flyer: The titular sky serpents. High Altitude Battle: Every battle takes place up in the air. Part of the challenge is not falling off the serpent. Puzzle Boss: Each boss after the first has some sort of characteristic challenge, though said challenges are relatively simple to deal with until some of the later serpents. Scarf of Asskicking: The hero wears one. Segmented Serpent: Each is made of a head and a tail with various segments in between, and they fly around with right angle turns. Status Effect: The slowing gas, sucking holes, and paralysis bubbles.

Deadline News: A newswoman reporting on the dog rebellion ends up getting attacked and muzzled by said dogs on the air. Dream Within a Dream: Part of the episode’s Inception parody. Fan Disservice: Morty is understandably grossed out by his teacher’s repressed perverted fantasy about his (underage) older sister. Rick tries to get him to swallow his pride, but he gets disgusted too. Hippie Teacher: The Stinger features Scary Terry’s new teacher Scary Mr. Johnson (or, as he prefers, Scary Glen). Horrifying the Horror: Parodied. Morty wonders what horrible things someone like Scary Terry has nightmares about. It turns out, his nightmare is a fairly benign (for taking place in an All Ghouls School) dream about failure as a student. Mini Mecha: Snuffles builds walking frames for himself and his army. Blue Tron Lines mean “civilian” and yellow ones mean “combat” and are piloted by rotweilers. “Not Wearing Pants” Dream: Scary Terry’s nightmare. Oh, Crap!: Confronted by Scary Terry, Rick and Morty try to escape by entering the dream of a little girl, but they’re faced with Scary Terry soon afterwards.”He can jump from dream to dream!”.

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