I Have No Son: Moriarty’s father wanted to pass his Christian

No Dialogue Episode: The rainy day episode. No Fourth Wall Parody Names: “Chu Hard” (Die Hard), “Gabira” (Gojira/Godzilla) Shout Out: A manga of the main series is shown. They also reference Stallone’s Cliffhanger in a two parter involving a runaway air conditioner. He buried it after he was forced to use it as crutch while trekking injured out of the jungle. Desperado Dan’l, The Brute to Jasper Stoke in “The Hound of the D’urbervilles”, carries a heavy walking stick he calls “Gertie”. I Have No Son: Moriarty’s father wanted to pass his Christian name on to a worthy son. Alex is the more sane and logical host, while Mark/Marty is way more wacky and off the rails. Take That!: The show takes a few jabs at celebrities, one example being when Mark/Marty at one point informs the audience that the knives used in the show are “dull and plastic, just like the Kardashians.” The “The” Title Confusion: Not only is it sometimes marketed as “The Horror Make Up Show”, but the title is referred to as such by the hosts in the show. Teleporter Accident: The original finale of the show involved Mark/Marty stepping into the teleportation pods from The Fly (1986) and accidentally getting mutated into a fly monster, before Alex is able to reverse the process.

Bond wastes Scaramanga with his shot, but has to be hospitalized. The Infiltration: Thanks to finding a letter addressed to Scaramanga at the airport, Bond is able to meet him in a brothel and he ends up being hired to be his assistant to a meeting between him and some gangsters in a hotel under construction. Knee capping: It is mentioned that Scaramanga shot the knees of agent 098, and forced him to kiss his foot. Computer Equals Tape Drive: Averted Destroy the Evidence: After Jill’s death, Brock has the computer printout shredded http://mybitsystem.com/tapa-was-the-goliath-again-when-she-and-gail-kim-split/, derides Jill as a lunatic and orders his team not to discuss the matter. Dies Wide Open Due to the Dead: Averted. Jill argues that the spirit should be treated with respect, but is overruled by Brock. In Anatolia Story, Yuri proves to be immune to the plague ravaging the Hittite Empire when she spends an extended amount of time tending to the sick. Given that she’s from modern times, Yuri believes her vaccinations have granted her immunity, while the people of the ancient time period just take this as further proof that Yuri is blessed by the gods. (A bit of Artistic License there: the historical plague that swept through Anatolia is generally agreed to have been tularemia, which is not a general vaccination and is only administered to high risk groups due to dangerous side effects.

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