Idol Singer: Athena Image Song: Psycho Soldier Joshikousei:

I’m curious as to where we would put two characters from the Franchise/Transformers Franchise: Both Shockwave (G1) and Rhinox (Beast Wars) are quite possibly the smartest and most competent members of their team, yet both do not desire a leadership role or any promotion to such in either of their organizations. In the former’s case, he followed Megatron’s orders to the level and kept the war in a 4 million year stalemate. In the latter’s case, he only took up leadership roles because he was a middle ground in the constant bickering that would occur in Optimus Primal’s absence between Cheetor, Rattrap, and Dinobot. Both were all to happy to go back to their normal jobs once their leader returned. Neither was “Stupid” nor were the “Lazy”, but they fit the spirit of this trope.

Wholesale Replica Bags Athena and Kensou would go on to be far better known as standards in The King of Fighters. Here’s the art > For extra hardcore points, the model for the poster art is Lisa Lyon a female bodybuilding pioneer. Animal Motifs: Athena’s motif is the phoenix and Kensou’s motif is the dragon. Gratuitous English: The Japanese version of Psycho Soldier. Idol Singer: Athena Image Song: Psycho Soldier Joshikousei: Athena. Notable Original Music: There are two versions of the theme song. The Japanese version The English version Psychic Powers You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Athena has pink hair. If The King of Fighters is to be trusted on this point, she dyes it. That, or the designers had canon welded her character with the title character from Athena, who had purple hair from the start. Wholesale Replica Bags

replica goyard handbags DVD R Hell Provides Examples Of: Alternative Character Interpretation: In Universe: Rock: It’s Your Decision is presented as if it’s the brave story of a young man who, in spite of overwhelming peer pressure, rejects a powerful tool of Satan to glory in the grace of God. Brad points out that it pretty much looked to him as the story of a young man who is systematically brainwashed and mentally dismantled by his parents and church because he dares to like a genre of music they don’t. The Porno. As the Good Book Says.: Brad references some of the less family friendly sections of the Bible numerous times throughout his Bibleman review, though only once does he play the trope straight. Child: [Singing] You can take a trip to lands unexplored/And meet up with heroes who fight with the sword. replica goyard handbags

Replica Designer Handbags Has two channels: “Press Heart to Continue” for variety content on geek culture and “Dexterity Bonus” for her “Coffeh Time” video blogs. Her avatar has cats with her in her appearances. She has a secondary animal which is foxes due to her avatar design, in some scenes she is shown with a fox tail and in the animated podcast “No Pants” she is shown with fox legs as well as a tail. Awesome Mc Coolname: Now that she’s married to Strippin, she has the honor of bearing the name “Brooke Thorne,” something she admitted on a Twitch stream that she really likes the idea of. The Baby of the Bunch: Dodger’s the youngest of the hosts of The Co Optional Podcast. Big Eater: Is frequently shown eating something in her videos. She’s been jokingly called unprofessional by TotalBiscuit and Jesse Cox on their podcast since she has a habit of conspicuously eating some sort of leftovers during the show Replica Designer Handbags.

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