Jerk with a Heart of Gold: George

Big Damn Heroes: The natives. Twice. Disproportionate Retribution: Nigel really didn’t deserve to get killed. At least it looked funny seeing him electrocuted. Even Evil Has Standards: Eric murders Colonel Nsogbu for constantly overdosing Baby’s mother on tranquilizers. It’s then quickly subverted when he frames George and Susan for the murder. Family Unfriendly Death Notably Eric, who is snatched into the jaws of the mother Bronto and shaken around Family Unfriendly Violence Getting Crap Past the Radar: Despite its PG rating, a sequence at the beginning flashes a native’s breasts onscreen. Intrepid Reporter: Inverted with George, and then played straight. Initially he’s interested only in African baseball stories and not wanting to go searching for dinosaurs, once they actually find them he is as starry eyed as his wife. Jerk with a Heart of Gold: George. Living Dinosaurs: The last three sauropods. Mama Bear: The mother bronto, of course. Eric learns this the hard way by the end. Mook Lieutenant: Sergeant Gambwe to Colonel Nsogbu. Then to Eric after Nsogbu pushes Eric’s buttons one time too many. More Dakka: How the father brontosaurus dies. My God, What Have I Done?: Eric has one of these moments after Baby is seemingly killed. Not that it saves him from Mom’s wrath of course. Roaring Rampage of Revenge: When the mother brontosaurus is freed at the end of the movie, she rampages something fierce. Stock Dinosaurs: Brontosaurus.

Tropes in her other works: Black Dude Dies First: in her horror novella’ Final Girls the unnamed black technician is the first to die. But this story is very much about the rules by which horror movies operate, so it’s almost a low key lampshade as used. Creator In Joke: There are several that appear in multiple books. The poem “Mairzy Doats” appears in both the October Daye and Newsflesh books. Being betrayed to the bad guys by a pair of shoes likewise appears in both sets of books. The creepy children’s book in Parasitology shares several lines with her filk about Silent Hill. Deadpan Snarker: Pretty much the protagonist of any of her stories except for Parasite. InCryptid has Verity (Antimony as well. Alexander can bring the snark from time to time but on the whole he’s much more prone to dry academic humor). Indexing’s is Henry. Newsflesh’s is George, though the entire cast could qualify. Ghost Stories has Rose. October Daye has Toby, the Luidaeg, and several others Velveteen Vs has Velma. Final Girls has Esther. Gender Blender Name: A number of her heroines go by masculine sounding diminutives. October “Toby” Daye Georgia “George” Mason Henrietta “Henry” Marchen Jack and Kade from Every Heart A Doorway. Jack is short for Jacqueline. Kade is gender flip of Katie, because he is a trans boy. One of Us: She’s quite familiar with this site, made clear from her intro to the story “The Day the Dead Came to Show and Tell” in the collection Rise. Our Ghosts Are Different: Ghosts and what they can do vary by the book unless it’s a shared ‘verse. The ghosts in DODODOD are different than those from the InCryptid books. Teens Are Monsters: Every Heart A Doorway: whether the teens are monstrous because they’re teens or because they’re no longer accustomed to reality as we know it is left to the reader. Final Girls: Daphne and her clique of popular kids are bullies who take it to the point of violence. They are also a deliberate invocation of this trope, being part of a horror movie simulation.

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