Maybe Magic, Maybe Mundane: Is Curtis having prophetic dreams

Instead, he insists that they both know it’s just a means to give the Cardassians time to regroup. Interservice Rivalry: Between Cardassian Central Command and the Obsidian Order. Skrain Dukat’s biased view of it is worth repeating:The Obsidian Order represented everything that was cancerous about Cardassia; they were an institutionalized form of decay that preyed on the military and the people even as they pretended to serve the same ends as Central Command.. Affectionate Parody: The entire Modron Maze is one long parody of ultra clich dungeon crawls. At least until you meet the “Evil Wizard Construct”. Alas, Poor Villain: Ravel Puzzlewell is a horrible being, practically an incarnation of evil. Chronic Backstabbing Disorder: In Hell, this is actually a way of life. Clarke’s Third Law: The demons have Bronze age technology. The humans have 21st century technology.

Hermes Replica Bags Our Centaurs Are Different: These centaurs are cruel, barbaric savages who torture any humans they come across. Our Giants Are Bigger: These giants are roughly double the size of a man and as are usually friendly, peaceable and kind of dull. Our Wormholes Are Different: The Corridors. Ambiguous Syntax: Hannibal Lecter tells Clarice at the end of the film over the phone that he’d love to chat with her longer, but he’s having an old friend for dinner. AM/FM Characterization: While in the prison cell in Tennessee, Hannibal Lecter listens to classical music just before his prison break. This tells the audience that even though he’s a psychopathic cannibal, he’s still Wicked Cultured. They love working with monochrome, but not necessarily black and white. They really like working with the color red. In their opinion, it apparently tastes delicious. Hermes Replica Bags

Replica Hermes Birkin The Ageless: Like in the comic Superman, due to his Kryptonian heritage. The Alcoholic: Bruce becomes one during his retirement, in order to stay retired. He stops drinking the moment he becomes Batman again. Mad Oracle: Curtis has what seems to be prophetic dreams and has several signs of schizophrenia. The question is whether he’s mad, an oracle, or both. Maybe Magic, Maybe Mundane: Is Curtis having prophetic dreams about a future calamity? Or is he just going insane, falling victim to schizophrenia just like his mother? The end of the movie suggests that his dreams were real, but it might just be another dream. The elephant gets angry and runs off before he can choose. My Girl Is a Slut: In “Rodney Has a Wife”, Rodney catches his wife cheating on him with a famous hockey player and is unsure of whether to be mad or giddy about it. Later on, he gets properly angry about it but is ecstatic when it turns out that she’s pregnant with the hockey player’s baby Replica Hermes Birkin.

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