Meg’s excused because she’s a Butt Monkey both in and out of

More recent episodes of The Simpsons make use of this (usually with Lisa, Ned, and Marge) whenever they tackle topical issues. All the while keeping laughs the main priority. One notable instance was Marge’s issues with her sister Patty coming out of the closet (Homer of all people even lampshades the Transparent Closet before the commercial break by essentially saying, “Oh and get this, I like beer!”), after talking up a big show about how open minded she is about homosexuality. She fully recognizes what a hypocrite she’s being, and indeed there are a lot of cases where someone believes they’re completely accepting of gay and lesbian people until someone they’re close to comes out. What makes this example particularly odd is that eight years before that episode was one where the family befriended a gay man (voiced by openly gay director John Waters) and not only was Marge perfectly fine with him, she chewed Homer out for being homophobic and thinking that hanging around John would make Bart “go gay”. Aesop Amnesia, or Opinion Myopia? More likely a twist on Not in My Backyard!, as it’s one thing to be friends with a non related gay person, but could hit closer to home when it’s a relative being talked about. Brady when the subject of drug legalization or gay marriage pops up despite being a pothead (and using harder drugs) with recurring bouts of Depraved Bisexual. Meg’s excused because she’s a Butt Monkey both in and out of the show’s universe and represents Teen Wangst, but Lois serves no other purpose than as a Foil with no humor or lampshading involved. Toyed with, since there also plenty of times Lois gets away with putting Brian or another character down, either due to Comedic Sociopathy, or because they are even worse. At one point Lois even made clear that Brian is a pretentious Commander Contrarian who plays this trope solely to stand out and be different.

Beth is tired after the massive adventure and is about to go to bed, but tries to express the truth she’s leaned over the adventure, but Rick boils it down to “I’m a messed up guy, and you’re exactly like me” and Beth becomes worried that she’s evil, but Rick explains that she is actually smart, which is worse. Rick tells Beth that she can do anything, that she has the power to rule the galaxy and bend it to her will until it eventually kicks her aside. Beth says she can’t do that because she has responsibilities, but Rick says he can make a clone of Beth, one that will be hardworking, a perfect mother, and can be shut off when Beth comes back; he even assures her that there’s no chance the clone will rebel and will have no regrets over being deactivated. Beth asks why Rick is doing all this, but Rick just gives noncommittal answers. In the end, we don’t see Beth’s decision.

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