Population Control is in place to prevent inbreeding and to

The Lo’ona Aeo in Mikhail Akhmanov’s Arrivals from the Dark series are a race of Space Elves who have voluntarily left their homeworld and colonies to live aboard large artificial orbital habitats called “astroids” (not a typo). Some of those worlds (namely, those in the border regions) are given to their Defenders as part of the payment for their services. The core worlds are kept as preserves and museums. Being extremely xenophobic (but also a race of Technical Pacifists), they never directly interact with members of other races, preferring to deal with them through their genetically engineered Servant Race called Servs. Each Lo’ona Aeo clan typically has its own astroid, the climate of which can be adjusted to any preference. Population Control is in place to prevent inbreeding and to keep “undesirable” genetic lines from propagating.

With a setlist heavy on The King of Limbs and In Rainbows, and that also slipped into b sides and classics from Kid A, Radiohead pleased fans of the band that have seen them evolve over time. They have become a band that does not want to look too deep into its past, hardly playing songs from their first two albums, Pablo Honey and The Bends. For some it may be a bother, but for others, watching this band evolve through the years with their dynamic and unique sound, proves why they are one of the most celebrated bands in music today. Watching them do their job on stage is certainly a privilege in itself. Seeing Johnny Greenwood now much more than the guitarist in the band and actually a full on composer get in front of a series of keyboards and patch bays and create sounds that one never knew existed is a triumph. Seeing the band’s two drummers, Phil Selway and Clive Deamer, play in synch and then switch percussion instruments mid song and not miss a beat, or watching guitarist Ed O’Brien and bassist Colin Greenwood play their axe’s and then switch to keyboards or another instrument, is enough to confirm how talented this band is. Yet, even with all the talent and all the wonderment of their live shows, it is still just that a live show, where things can go wrong. During the first set closer of the “Idioteque http://www.newprintinformatica.com.br/index.php/however-it-is-very-heavily-guarded/,” one could see the frustration in Yorke’s face as the sound would cut in and out from when the song first started. The frustration built and Yorke eventually said, “Fck it” and dropped the microphone and walked off stage upset. While his bandmates had no idea what was happening, they each began to slowly walk off stage and laugh about the technical issues.

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