The Engineer will rush to prevent Phlebotinum Overloads while

Ladykiller in Love: The womanizing Gray ends up marrying Peach. It still doesn’t stop him from cheating on her with Magenta. Love Dodecahedron: Blue loves Magenta, who loves Gray, who is married to Peach. Then Gray and Peach split up, Gray and Magenta end up married with two children, and Peach and Blue get into a relationship. And then a drunk Gray kills Blue in a car crash, which results in Blue and Peach’s relationship abruptly ending, Gray going to prison, and Magenta presumably divorcing him. The fifth game ends with Magenta saying that she’ll wait for Gray to be free, so she might not have divorced him after all. Love Hurts: The premise of the series. The Mistress: What Magenta is to Gray while he and Peach are married. The fourth game makes this trope an In Universe Never Live It Down example for Magenta, who states she’ll always be remembered as someone who wrecked a person’s marriage. Second Love: Peach becomes this to Blue in the second game. Then Blue is killed in a car accident. So Happy Together: “[Blue and Peach are] bouncing with joy.” Then you hear the sudden car screech. Star Crossed Lovers: In Pretentious Game 3 and 5, Magenta describes her affair with the married Gray as something that society disapproves of. Stronger Sibling: A heroic example; in a few puzzles in the fourth game, Magenta’s son is the one who has the strength his sister lacks to move the big green blocks.

Hermes Replica Bags It may be The Climax of a tense standoff, the conclusion of a Stern Chase, or the outcome of a cunning surprise attack. Two Cool Starships from opposing Space Navies will park within arm’s reach of each other, and proceed to fire broadsides of Beam Spam and Macross Missiles at each other’s Weak Spots. The Close In Weaksauce System if it exists will valiantly try to intercept enemy attacks, and fail. Deflector Shields will flash and crackle as they slowly drop percentage point by percentage point. The Engineer will rush to prevent Phlebotinum Overloads while avoiding the inevitable torrents of burning steam, providing essential Techno Babble all the way. On The Bridge, Bunnies will shout out damage reports while Explosive Instrumentation claims the life of many a Redshirt Ensign. Everyone flails about as each enemy hit brings on a Star Trek Shake. The Captain will sit stoically at the centre of it all, providing important tactical guidance, such as “Reverse the Polarity!” or “Give me more power!” Hermes Replica Bags

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