The makers of these products claim that they are healthier

Stay Away From AspartameZach BashoreApril 10, 2006 Aspartame can be found in many diet sodas and sugar free candies. The makers of these products claim that they are healthier because they contain few calories and less sugar than that of their normal products. But is aspartame actually healthier? This article is going to explain what aspartame is, known side effects associated with consuming, and how these side effects occur. Aspartame is the methyl ester of amino acids aspartic acid and phenylalanine. It is an active ingredient in almost 5,000 beverages and foods you consume, and comes in the names Candrecel, Nutrasweet, and Equal. Aspartame is even used as a table condiment, and is also found in many chewable vitamin supplements. Aspartame is mostly used to give people a “sweet taste” that is craved when dieting. But with all the known side effects associated with consuming, it makes you wonder if its even worth using. The main problem associated with consuming aspartame is the problems it can cause you mentally. The following list sums up the known side effects that consumption of aspartame can bring:

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