There are ways to remove the smell though

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canada goose I can think of a few cons, however. I can think of is how the BPA Free plastic has a nasty habit of holding onto bad smells. Don leave milk in it for a few days without washing it, it will smell super rank. There are ways to remove the smell though, with easy solutions such as rinsing it with Listerine or keeping coffee beans in it over night, to more extreme measures such as using bleach or baking soda with vinegar. This shouldn be a major problem with proper care, though. Also, the thing is designed to be shaken vigorously, so microwaving it might not be a wise idea. canada goose

Canada Goose Outlet AT and telecom trade groups have since lost a court challenge to the Title II approach, but they are expected to seek a Supreme Court review of the matter. Pai wants to undo the Title II reclassification, which the industry argues has burdened them. Net neutrality advocates say without the Title II structure, the FCC can’t really enforce net neutrality Canada Goose Outlet.

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