This means that even were someone to steal your card and PIN

The new sci fi bank card that’s impossible to clone but how well does the Da Vinci Choice actually work?Meet the Da Vinci Choice card letting you shop online or in store with total confidence that no one will be able to access your bank account09:54, 20 OCT 2017Updated14:22, 20 OCT 2017It’s the size and shape of a normal credit card, and can be used in exactly the same way anywhere that accepts MasterCard, but the new Da Vinci Choice card is anything but normal.Why? Firstly, it’s as many as eight cards in one letting you carry one piece of plastic then select which account the money comes out of at the point of sale.Secondly, it’s a card where no one ever will be able to steal your PIN or card security code to use online. In fact, criminals won’t even be able to use it in a contactless transaction.(Image: Da Vinci Choice)The Da Vinci Choice card is the brainchild of Simon Hewitt a man who’s worked in banking security for the likes of American Express, JP Morgan and Standard Chartered Bank.His mission was simple make a safer credit card. The execution is a marvel of technology.On top of the traditional chip and magnetic stripe, the Da Vinci Choice card also includes a working screen, keyboard, processor and battery without making it any bigger or noticeably more fragile than a standard card.What all that technology lets you do is generate a new PIN or card security number every time you use it with the screen displaying that number for you as well as choosing which card to use.This means that even were someone to steal your card and PIN, it would be utterly useless to them when they tried to use it themselves.”I’ve seen first hand how easily people fall victim to fraud, and even if the money is returned, it’s a huge hassle and leaves people in the lurch with their personal finances,” Hewitt said.”Our proposition is simple; work with us to cut financial fraud out of your wallet.”Too good to be true?Will it actually fit in a cash machine though?Thinking all this this sounded impossible in something the size of a credit card, Mirror took one out for a spin.

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