” Which gets a good laugh from Quigley

This film provides examples of: Actually Pretty Funny: After Cora and Quigley are driven out to the middle of the desert and left for dead by Marston, Cora says “Don’t worry, on a new job it’s quite common for things not to go well at first.” Which gets a good laugh from Quigley, after she’s been nothing but annoying for the first quarter of the film. When Marston is dying, he gives an ironic chuckle when Quigley explains his lethal Quick Draw and accuracy with a revolver after continually refusing to use any weapon other than his rifle with “I always said I never had much use for one. I never said I didn’t know how to use it.” Action Girl: Crazy Cora. “Let’s both make some noise!” Badass Mustache: Quigley. He is played by Tom Selleck. Bedouin Rescue Service: Quigley and Cora are left to die in the desert by Marston’s men, but are rescued by a group of Aborigines and nursed back to health. Big Bad: Elliot Marston, the Cattle Baron masterminding the local Aborigine genocide. Bond Villain Stupidity: Marston’s decision to abandon Quigley in the Outback to die of thirst http://www.pokersucellulare.com/but-then-he-tried-to-stop-anubis-from-destroying-abydos-in-the/, rather than just shooting him and burying the body. Somewhat justified: the British officers had heard an American sharpshooter was coming and met him on the way to the ranch. They might have asked questions if he’d simply disappeared, so Marston wanted to be able to say they’d wandered off and been killed by the desert. A extra layer of stupidity is that Marston sent a couple goons to dump Quigley and Cora and one of them had Quigley’s rifle. Born in the Wrong Century: Marston fancies himself this, as he has a fascination (Almost an obsession) with the American West and traditional Cowboy fare.”Some men are born in the wrong century. I think I was born on the wrong continent.”

In Most Wanted, you can actually get the cops to take care of the roadblock for you if you’re lucky, by pulling a 180 very quickly and letting the knuckleheads smash into their own roadblock. On higher levels this can backfire on you, though, as the heavy SUVs the police begin using in their roadblocks are hard to move on their own, let alone with a cruiser in front of them. You can also hop them by jumping them if you hit a police car in front of the block going fast enough to take off at the right angle (although this is hard to do deliberately). Unfortunately, the same SUVs that can stop you cold with their sheer weight can also be just high enough to catch your wheels, leading to the incredibly embarrassing situation of being arrested because you couldn’t get off from on top of the SUV quickly enough.

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