While she is extreme, and Mira is unhappy at her hatred of men

Good? For the gamers yes, that’s what gamers know but what they don’t know can still hurt them. If gaming turned on eating up their minds gamers would be behaving differently already. There might weird behavriours that would arise. While she is extreme, and Mira is unhappy at her hatred of men and separatism, knowing that it will inevitably push them apart, she’s not a caricature or a joke; she’s a woman who has finally snapped after years of being treated badly by men, culminating in her daughter being treated like a piece of meat not only by the boy who raped her, but the police and the court system. She’s still written as a sympathetic character, and when she dies, the group get back together to mourn her death and celebrate her life. Team Mom: Iso, who often acts as a shoulder to cry on for other members of the group.

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