Why haven’t they been able to do anything about it? And the

TF: Yeah. Well, he’s the pivotal, he’s the pivotal figure in all of this, in the sort of great transition of the Democratic Party. It’s a bigger story than one man, though, of course; it’s a bigger story than even his little clique of friends, you know, the Democratic Leadership Council. It’s a story that goes way back to the early 1970s. But let me just say in broad outline, what I’m talking about here in the book is this problem of inequality that I think is the biggest problem we face as a society. And in fact, I think the word inequality is a euphemism for problems that are much bigger than that you know, for the crumbling communities like, they were debating in Flint http://jongnederlandreeshof.nl/november-2017-saw-the-release-of-a-3rd-edition-of-the-game/, Michigan, you know, there is no better evidence for what inequality looks like than a place like Flint, Michigan, you know. De industrialization, the withering of the middle class all of these things happening at the same time. And you know, we call it inequality; it is the one great problem that we have. And so my, the question in the book is, you know, the Democrats have been talking about inequality forever; this is why they exist as a party, is to take this on. Why haven’t they been able to do anything about it? And the answer isn’t what you think. You know, it’s not just because Republicans are so diabolically clever and stop them all the time. And it’s also not just because of the money that is sloshing around in politics, although that’s, you know, obviously that’s a huge part of the story. But the answer is because the Democrats aren’t who we think they are. You know, they talk about inequality, but their heart really isn’t in it. Income inequality is really not something that they have cared about for a very long time. You know, there are individuals here and there who do, but you talk about people like the Clintons I mean, Hillary Clinton, her concern for inequality is, this is, I would say is almost completely feigned.

The final boss in Fallout can either be killed normally in a fight, talked into committing suicide if you show him proof that his plan is doomed to failure, or be blown up by a bomb hidden in his lair that can be activated by the player. Similarly, Legate Lanius, the final boss for most of the endings of Fallout: New Vegas can be convinced to issue a retreat by convincing him several different ways that even if he were to win the Legion would not be able to sustain itself for long (either via lack of manpower to hold all of their territories or having no supply routes, eventually starving) after that and would eventually lose via attrition. Also, if you’re fighting for the Legion, Mr. House or Independence, you can also convince General Oliver and his Elite Mooks to stand down either by convincing him he’s lost or in the latter two threatening him with your robot army/other allies.

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