ZERO is actually not after Amy

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Playable Characters and their gameplay types: Sonic the Hedgehog a sarcastic but virtuous blue hedgehog capable of running at supersonic speeds. Sonic’s gameplay style is the most reminiscent of the side scrolling games: Just get to the goal (which is sometimes an animal capsule reminiscent of the Genesis games, sometimes a Chaos Emerald, occasionally just an end area). Super Sonic As in other games, the Golden Ending requires powering Sonic into his Super Form and taking out the True Final Boss. Miles “Tails” Prower Sonic’s lil’ two tailed fox adoptive brother, a young genius with an aptitude for building machines on par with Eggman’s creations. All of Tails’s stages pit the player against Sonic (and later Eggman) in a race to the end of the stage. The stages are just a single section of Sonic’s stages, hopelessly broken by Tails’ flying ability. Sonic is a cheating bastard for this very reason, but even speed boosts can’t help him. Knuckles the Echidna last descendant of an ancient clan, current Guardian of the Master Emerald. When Chaos is released from the Emerald, it is naturally broken into pieces. Angel Island falls from its place in the sky and into the sea, and Knuckles takes it upon himself to track down the missing pieces and restore the Emerald (and Angel Island) to its former glory. Thus, the goal of each of the echidna’s stages is to find three shards, using his Spider Sense to pinpoint their locations. Reappeared in Sonic Adventure 2 for Knuckles and Rouge. Amy Rose a pink hedgehog with an all consuming crush on Sonic. After she meets a young bird on the run from one of Eggman’s robots, Amy resolves to return the bird to its family. In her stages, Amy must outrun ZERO, the robot in pursuit, and get to the giant balloon that will carry her away. ZERO is actually not after Amy, but instead the bird, who unbeknownst to her, has a Chaos Emerald in its locket. Amy is not very fast, but carries a mallet for protection, which she can also use to pull off acrobatic manoeuvres. Big the Cat a lazy but warm hearted fisherman. After his pal Froggy swallows a strange looking jewel and runs away from home, Big chases after the frog. The goal of each of his stages is to fish Froggy out of a body of water; there is little danger posed to Big himself. Nevertheless, Big’s fishing pole can double as a weapon. E 102 ” (Gamma) one of Eggman’s latest and most advanced robotic enforcers, who eventually turns against its creator. Shoots things up to get to the end of the stage and often destroy a particular target (usually a fellow E series robot that is fought as a mini boss) before time runs out, which can be increased by combo killing multiple enemies at once. Like Knuckles’, this also was re used for Tails and Eggman’s modes in Sonic Adventure 2.

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